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Electric equipment

The electric machine is a system for the electromechanical conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy or vice versa.

Electric machines are reversible and can operate both as electric motors and generators. They have become widespread in engineering and other areas of social life, and are indispensable elements in the production of electricity (electric generators in power stations) and in electric drives of all kinds (electric motors).

SC ELECTRO-SERVICE RB SRL carries out assembly, repair and rehabilitation of synchronous and asynchronous electric motors with coil or short-circuited rotor, as well as electric generators, such as:

  • on-site assembly
  • repair with replacement of worn parts (couplings, seal bearings, bearings)
  • dismantling, checking generator rotor retaining rings
  • installation of thermoelements for measuring the temperature of the stator winding
  • complete rewinding of rotors and stators
  • assembly of auxiliary generator circuits
  • design and installation of control and protection systems
  • tests, trials and electrical measurements on the stand according to PE 116/94 standards
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